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Boarding House: Room for Rent or Bed Spacer (part 3)
Published By mantis36 on 2012-02-17 59 Views

Room for Rent:
A frequent scenario that always happens is for example, a group of 4 persons wishing to rent a single room (a single room contains 4 occupants).
The room for rent is available for 1,000 Philippine pesos per month, and those 4 occupants decided a plan that they will share 250 Philippine pesos (each of them) to make it 1,000 PhP for month.
The problem for a room for rent situation is in the first 2 months is a normal situation, but another months to pass, some of the occupants leave the room and migrate to another place for some reasons.
For example, those 4 occupants in a single room become 2 (since those 2 occupants leave the boarding house because she is assigned in other city branch, and the other is to stop schooling.
Therefore, only 2 occupants remain in a single room for rent for the price of 1,000 PhP.
It’s too expensive to those remaining 2 occupants on that room to pay 500 PhP (for a total of 1,000 PhP) per month.
So the problem is, that the land lord of the boarding house room for rent situation is that the owner will only received 500 PhP and not 1,000 PhP (unless they would find another 2 new occupants for them to share 250 PhP) to make it 1,000.

Bed Spacer:
Frequent Problems that usually occurs in a bed spacer situation is:

1. The things or property of occupants (valuable or cheap) are illegally fixed, or burrow without permission by his/her room mate.

Click the link to read Page 1 (page 1) http://expertscolumn.com/content/boarding-house-room-rent-or-bed-spacer-part-1

2. One of the occupants going back to his/her room late at night and the other room mate studies or sleep is disturbed.

3. One of the occupants wish to turn-off the bright lights while his/her room mate did not yet finish his/her studies for the coming examinations.

4. One of the occupants are very irritable, maybe under heartache conditions, and his/her room mate are affected and decided to buy headphone to cover his/her ears not to hear those sharp pointed mouth.

5. There are two room mates that are not compatible to each other, they always argue in a lot of things, frequent murmurs, quarrel, gossip, and never communicate but they are still occupying on the same room, that’s a big problem, a pride like a fried chicken indeed.

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