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Farming: Why choose Carabao rather than a Horse?
Published By mantis36 on 2012-01-21 515 Views

I just kept on wondering why Filipino provincial farmers prefer the importance and usage of a Carabao (water buffalo) rather than a horse. As I often see those marks printed on all of the machine engines, some appliances, and vehicles as the unit of measurement are Horse Power (HP) and not a Carabao Power.

This simply means that Horse is more powerful and speedier compare to a Carabao.

I didn’t have a chance to travel outside my home country, the Philippines, but most of the films I saw especially those foreign movies involving farming to plow the fields, a Horse is an animal that always prefers by local farmers as a natural animal tractor. For that same animal too can carry heavy loads to transfer several items to another distance.

But here in our country, Philippine provinces were mostly agricultural and farming is still a staple job of the jobless Filipinos in barrios.

It is wrong to say that horses never existed here but there are plenty of horses around too, and in fact, horses here in our place even way back year 1900’s and up as horses are used as an engine to drive Caleza (a wooden chariot type of public passenger transportation powered by horse or horses) but now are very rare, as Filipino people manage to manipulate a motorcycle to attach a sidecar on the right side of the motorcycle to transform it to a Tricycle and it is very abundant as a form of public transportation.

So why not using a horse instead of a carabao in farming?

Maybe one of the reasons is because a Carabao can be legally sold here in our neighbors, and a Carabao taste good when eaten, especially the meat. A Cow are tastier compare to a Carabao, but I don’t think Filipinos will use a cow to plow the fields and I never seen those things and didn’t happen yet.

Or maybe that is the only reason, because some poor families having owned a carabao can be a faster way to sell, need money to pay for the children’s tuition in school, to pay for existing debt, or for emergency purposes.

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