How To Ward Off Demon Possession From Playing Spirit Of The Glass “ouija”

When playing Ouija Board or Spirit of the Glass and if someone crazy spirits or angry souls out there find a possible ways to get out of the vacuum glass and possessed a target victim, you and your friends natural reaction is the immediately shocked, can’t even said or shout a single word, instantly run spread to all the corners of the room.

Some of you and your friends are crying, some are laughing, others are shouting, biting whos’ever friends besides them. Or if I am there I will naturally grab my sandals while raising my hands and aim a sandal

to the possessed victim, one move and smack of hard hit – but it is not the right thing to deal with this “Pasaway” (stupid) spirits….

Before playing an Ouija Board or Spirit of the Glass, don’t tell your friends that you have these things on your side and keep it hidden to your friends especially to the glass where the spirits will naturally reveal themselves inside (not visible to our naked eye).

These are the things to keep it hidden at all costs:

1. A Holy Water inside the small spray canister or plastic transparent bottle, taken from any church ivory bowls that are attached to the side of the churchs entrance walls.

2. A Manunggal Green Vine. You can get plenty of them that grows mostly on your house side cemented gates. A one meter length of Manunggal vine will do the rest of the trick.

3. Crucifix, Scapular and a Holy Rosary.


If someone gets

possessed while playing, don’t worry, no need to call a Catholic Priest, and no need to call an “Albularyo” (a quack doctor)

Just simply hold it tight the Holy Water Spray Canister and immediately spray for the possessed victim to get wet immediately. The victim will naturally scream to death, and don’t take any chances for that stupid spirits to retaliate a bear hug on you. You immediately grab your Manunggal Green Vine and wrapped it on her body (not so tight) for the stupid spirit to getting more screaming in pain.

As for the finishing moves, insert a Scapular on the victim’s neck, and insert that Holy Rosary too to the victim’s neck while showing him the power of Crucifix while saying the word phrases:

“Devil, we humans are a God’s Image, and you have no right to scam or infect us!!! Leave right now!!!”

For sure, that sarcastic spirit will no longer repeat his faults…. Charge to experience.

Click the link to read my past experience on Spirit of the Glass

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