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Movie Clip: Ip Man 2: Western Boxing versus Hung Gar Kung Fu
Published By mantis36 on 2012-03-06 242 Views

Western Boxing as preferred by most MMA as their striking arsenals, and many Filipino’s are expert and well known in the field of Western Boxing.

As for Hung Gar Kung Fu, well, Hung Gar if translated in English means “Tiger Crane” and Kung Fu means “Ability” or “Skill”.

Hung Gar Kung Fu famous fighters of the past, such as Wong Fei Hung, actually, this Hung Gar Kung Fu contains no kicks, it has but most of the moves are all in hand works, making a total overall of kick less kung fu.

One thing that I notice that the master of Hung Gar’s body is not so tough enough to take a punch, that even his weird boxer pound for pound opponent is wearing a big black gloves, still his boxing punches are all heavily feel when landed unto a Hung Gar’s body.

Now I know that it is better and an advantage to the Kung Fu fighter that they must have a tough body that can take punches like those of Shaolin’s Golden Bell Cover, or Iron Wrapped in Silk.

Most of the punches of the Hung Gar Master are not for killing but for a lesson that the stupid Boxer may realize to show respect, but that Western Boxer, all of his attacks are all fatal.

Here is the short movie clip link I found in youtube, a classic match between a Western Boxing Pound for Pound fighter versus a Hung Gar Kung Fu Master

Or click the link to read and watch Western Boxing versus Wing Chun Gung Fu by Ip Man http://expertscolumn.com/content/movie-clip-ip-man2-western-boxing-versus-wing-chun-kung-fu

in that movie clip, the final reason why the Hung Gar collapse to the ground is because he trade punches using his U-Punch or Ram Punch (a double fists that targets upper and mid body area) to hit the Western Boxer’s body while that boxer trades a hook punch to hit the head of the Kung Fu master, and the match ended.

Do not criticize other’s fighting arts, show some respect is one key to martial arts, under heaven, we are all equal.

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