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Movie Clip: Ip Man2: Western Boxing versus Wing Chun Kung Fu
Published By mantis36 on 2012-03-06 118 Views

An insult to Kung Fu becomes heavier, and no sense of respect after the defeat of a Hung Gar Kung Fu Master, and in order to stop those discriminations, a Wing Chun Kung Fu must change the fate of martial arts respect to others.

Ip Man is the next challenger to compete that pound for pound Western Boxer, and actually Ip Man when he migrated to America, he become later as Bruce Lee’s instructor in Wing Chun Gung Fu.

If you see their honor match, that Western Boxer may now realize that every Chinese Martial Arts are different to each other, yet may not notice it with just looking by eyes, but your forearms feel their differences.

The bridge forearm of Wing Chun Master usually sticks to the forearm of Western Boxer, like sticky glue, and the boxer may also realize that Wing Chun is the faster hand attacking combinations, the fastest ever invented.

Not only have those sticky bridged attitude of Wing Chun’s forearm, but the 3 principles as the most important maxim of Wing Chun:
1. Meet anything that comes
2. Follow wherever he goes
3. Rush-in with rapid hand attacks when the sticky hands (Chi Sau) collapse

And another Wing Chun principles is a hand counters a hand, while kicks counters a kick.
And the shortest distance between point A to point B is a Straight Line.

While Wing Chun is widely known as Simple, Direct, and To The Point.

Here is the movie clip regarding a fighting match between a Western Boxer Pound for Pound Champion versus a Wing Chun Master named Ip Man:

Or click the link to read and watch Western Boxing versus Hung Gar Kung Fu http://expertscolumn.com/content/movie-clip-ip-man-2-western-boxing-versus-hung-gar-kung-fu

I like the way Ip Man defended his self using Bong Sau (Wing Hand) while the other hand secures a Wu Sau (Guarding Hand) perimeter hand guard, just in case if the wing hand fails to divert Western Boxers jab and straight punches.

Notice that the Wing Chun after successfully defended an opponent hand attacks, the Wing Chun fighter always counters either a Sun Fist or a series of Chain Punching.

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