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Myth, Fact, or Fiction: Rats - Beware to Call Them by Their Name
Published By mantis36 on 2012-02-27 84 Views

To a person who is exposed to the field of Science, it is absolutely nothing will happen if you call those rats on their names.

Here in the Philippines, the old superstitious fanatic people never call a rat by its name. Instead, if they saw a rat bypasses, they used to call it “Maba-it”, a Filipino Tagalog Dialect meaning “Good”
So, instead of calling a rat by its name, they prefer to call it Maba-it.

Provincial Common myth beliefs that a rat can understand if you call them by their name “Ilaga”

ILAGA - a Hiligaynon Dialect meaning “Rat”

Therefore, when you saw an Ilaga coming towards your feet and it’s getting nearer, then, never shouts… “Ilaga”
Instead, you have to scream by shouting either Maba-it!!!... or Baby Rat!!!... or Papa Rat!!! will do.

Rats can hear even 10 meters away and understand if the one you been murmuring for is them.
And if they confirmed that you murmuring too is them, they will set an exact hour to destroy your valuable things, like your favorite clothes, shoes, bite those electrical wirings on your valuable appliances, boring holes on your snacks and they have no plan to eat all of the food contents inside but by just damaging it only for you to understand that you will never do it again, you will never call a rat by it’s name “Ilaga”, it’s cool for them to call Mother Rat or something, but not Ilaga.

This type of beliefs are not only existing here in our provincial place, but in the entire island of Panay, Philippines, and some of the people in some parts of the Philippines agree that we should never call those rats that we accidentally saw by their name “Ilaga”.

And we should never hurt them because they can retaliate more to us, like Karma, like a common golden rule not to do to others if you don’t want for other people to do unto you.

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