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Navigation: Seaman, Seafarer, Ship Captain, Helmsman: Worlds Most Risky Profession (part 1)
Published By mantis36 on 2012-02-26 42 Views

Comparing to all assigned jobs or work to earn a descent income, money, then no other professions that are more risky compare to Nautical Marine.

A three years of college school course plus a one year apprenticeship making a total of 4 years of schooling to become a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation.

Most of the College choice courses liked by the students are Nursing and Nautical Marine, while Teaching, Computer Secretarial, Computer Science, Computer Technician, Hotel and Restaurant Management HRM and Commerce falls as the second priority if Money is limited or any other reasons.

But currently, Nautical Marine, Nursing, and HRM are most demand courses if a job applicant wants to work abroad. Caregivers and Call Center Agents are in demand too.

For we know that all of the jobs or works are all risky too but a Nautical Marine is the most risky profession of all.

Do you want to know the reason’s why?

Nursing – only one patient to care off, or even 3 or 4, so, 4 lives are being cared of.

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Doctor – the same as nursing, yet a Doctor may have plenty of patients, and since we’re just only human, any risk of wrong handling pertains to only single patient on most cases, then a doctor prepares consequences if found out committed a mistake on prescriptions, as the patient will file a case to the court if not contented.

Military or Police – risky too but its nothing compare to a Nautical Marine.

Land Based Vehicle Driver – Taxi, Buses, Family Car Driver, vehicles having a capacity of 23 passengers are a risk and the driver should concentrate all the time because he is responsible for the lives of those passengers if committed a slight mistake during road travel.

Airplane Pilot – let’s say 100 passengers to accommodate a 747 Jumbo Jet Liner Plane.

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