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Now I Know Why My Cats Act the Way they do (page 4)
Published By mantis36 on 2012-08-26 35 Views

I notice that if ever a pet cat meets another cat or dog that threatens, the cat’s back immediately arches and puffs up!
And another funny action is when the cat hisses to its enemy especially if cornered, self defending while preparing to escape, the cat knows immediately where to go.

Arching back, puffs up, and hisses simply meaning that a cat is either scared or angry, so that the prey looks bigger than a predator; some clever cat stands sideways to make them appear bigger, a nice natural reaction to turn their enemy to temporary halt for them to confuse and for the cat to immediately escape; a pretty smart idea, clawing the enemy while escaping if necessary as another reason for the enemy to stop chasing.

Cat’s claws are very sharp and most of the time they hid it, they only reveal those claws if necessary for fighting or for climbing. But kneading or treading with its paws have a several meaning, for teasing or that cat simply needs an attention.

I remember my pet cat in the province before, treading its claw very softly at my back or my friend’s back is because my cat is begging for food, watching us eating for a lunch and that cat can’t wait for its turn.

Cats and Dogs have an attitude of rolling over their backs when they see you, this is also a natural reaction of trusting you because of love and care that you give to that pet, your pet thinks very safe if you are on its side; looking on your pet’s eye while staring at you, their cute tongue and fangs revealed.

Another attitude of a cat is they rub their body side against your calf or shin bone, I’m thinking that they only wanted to clean something dirt on their body, a wet fur, and making your trouser or socks to wipe it.
What a clever cat but I was wrong, they simply want to introduce their self to a visitor that even though they are only just a cat but they are also a member of the family too, or they want to impress other cats around, as other cats may follows next.

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Cat’s love to knock things around, another natural pet’s idea to catch our attention as sometimes we are so busy with our work. Sometimes I get mad when my pet did that and by chasing them they only interpret it as another game of fun.

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