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Philippine Idols: Heroes of the Past and Present Day
Published By mantis36 on 2011-08-14 226 Views

It’s very joyful to follow our Idol’s footsteps, and those super feats that they achieved.
Plenty of male and female Filipino people that are known worldwide because of their talents and knowledge are in every different field. They are using their knowledge in order to reach good life, and the achievements that they already had are what makes the people proud of.

Jose Rizal is the Philippine national hero. Stepped to many of the foreign countries and become a well-known to the foreigners because of his acquired skills, talents, and abilities. Finished studies on a different courses and written the famous two novels such as “Noli Me Tangere or Touch Me Not” and the “El Filibusterismo”.

He is the first president of the Philippines, and he declared the Philippine Independence Day. The first Republican Country in all Asia is the Philippines. He became a good president and defending the country from the foreign invaders.

She is also one of the Philippine heroes. The people in Ilocos, Philippines are very proud of her because she can engage a combat while riding a horse. She’s a brave and defending the people of Ilocos against the Spanish Invaders. She’s been sentenced to death when those enemies captured her. She has the resemblance to the famous Joan of Arc, a female warrior hero from France.

Benigno Aquino was treated as a martyr because he went back home to the Philippines despite of death treats to his life. His plan are to help the Filipino people to straighten the bad situations of the country Philippines during those year 1983. The fears of the his family became true when he died in Tarmak Airfield now known as NAIA or (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). He is the wife of the former Philippine president Corazon C. Aquino.

The former president Corazon Aquino is the first president of the Philippines. During 1986, the famous People Power happened, a revolution of the Filipino People against their leader. And the people put Corazon Aquino to power, and become an inspiration, and known to whole world.

OFW or Overseas Filipino Worker is considered as the modern day heroes. They are not like those of the old past Philippine heroes that offered their life for the country. Through their determination of being a distant to their family in the Philippines, sacrificing themselves just to earn money for a living to support their families back in the Philippines. Most of the OFW of the past are mostly males, but now, plenty of female OFW Filipinas abroad and majority of them are mothers. And by that, the male(father) are temporary doing what the mother’s job for their children, that the male become a father and a mother.

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