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Seamanship: Ship or Vessel Displacement Problems and Solving regarding Draft and its Beam (Breadth)
Published By mantis36 on 2012-02-28 211 Views

A vessel of
650 feet in length,
displace 9,000 tons and her
block coefficient is .7
If her forward draft is 14 feet and 06 inches,
and its aft draft is 18 feet and 06 inches,

find her beam (breadth)
if she is floating in fresh water.

So the formula that we will use since she is floating in fresh water is:
B = displacement x 36 / L x D x C

But main draft is not yet given, only forward draft and aft draft; so we have to solve first the main draft before we proceed to solve for her breadth (beam) as it may look like this:
B = displacement x 36 / L x ? x C

And the formula to solve the main draft of the ship is:
MD = FD + AD / 2

MD stands for Main Draft of the ship
FD stands for Forward Draft of the ship
AD stands for After Draft of the ship
+ symbolizes addition or plus sign
/ symbolizes divided by
2 is a constant in main draft (drop) formula solving

So here are the calculations:

MD = FD + AD / 2
MD = 14’06” + 18’06” / 2
MD = 32’12” / 2
MD = 33’ / 2
MD = 16.5 feet

Therefore, ships mean draft is equals to 16.5 feet

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Then let’s proceed to solve the ships beam (breadth) and since she is floating in fresh water, here are the solving:

B = Displacement x 36 / L x D x C
B = 9,000 tons x 36 / L x D x C
B = 324,000 / L x D x C
B = 324,000 / 650 x 16.5 x .7
B = 324,000 / 10,725 x .7
B = 324,000 / 7,507.5
B = 43.1568431568
B = 43.16

Ship’s beam (breadth) 43.16 feet is now solved, floating in fresh water.

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