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Myth, Fact, or Fiction: Tower of Babel compare to Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Published By mantis36 on 2012-02-20 396 Views

Tower of Babel is one of the historically claims by the Holy Bible that according to that book, it really happened a long time ago and that is the reason why there is a unique subdivisions of communicable languages so that the construction of the tower, especially the final top most of it that believed it can reach heavens, and they are more taller than God.

For that reason, God has no choice but to immediately destroy not the tower but destroy the finishing constructions by altering languages to different kinds and subdivisions, I think the hearings of each individual is temporary impaired too, so a hand signaling languages is what they only got.

The Tower of Babel is there, imagine how tall it is, but according to history, long years that passes, rain and winds destroy the sides of the tower and especially unreported earthquakes that do most of the job to collapse and the rest is history. Yet there are no solid iron bars that serves as skeleton so that the tower will lasts, but my big question is if how about the foundation of the tower’s base if it can support that enormous weight, as I imagine how tall that tower is, or maybe taller than an Empire State Building, Taipei101 Tower, or to the most tallest tower found in Saudi Arabia, and the thickness of the tower trunk or is there any vacant room or a hollow portion inside that tower?

What is the reason why God destroy that Tower of Babel and why is it that God allow Americans to step footed on the Moon if the Apollo’s 11 Mission Landing is more ambitious compare to the Tower of Babel?

I am just thinking that how about if those 12 men didn’t set footed on the moon and something happened to all of the space rocket ship, then it is also being curse by God, but God allow it to happen that the mission is successful.

And I think there is no different comparing Tower of Babel to a successful flight of Apollo Rocket Ship, after all man is an explorer, and will never stop conquering those unconquered foreign virgin lands.

The same reason’s on the expeditions of Spanish Wooden Sailing Ship to explore Philippines by Ferdinand Magellan, while others discover the New World America by Christopher Columbus, and both of them are granted by God except…. TOWER OF BABEL.

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