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Traveling Beyond the Edge of the Universe
Published By mantis36 on 2011-10-12 49 Views

My question is what will you see if you are there crossing beyond the edge of the universe? I just kept on staring the twinkling stars if I have time to sit on a rocking chair during midnight, if I am lucky, I can see some shooting stars that quickly fade and vanished. For we all know that what we see in the night skies are all stars and planets are very hard to see because there is no heat and their crust never burns.

Our eyes may see only the known universe, what very sophisticated eyes that we people have. If you have a chance to view it in a long tube telescopes, then there you see some extended stars that naked eye vision limits. But that is not at all because when viewed in a Hubble Space Telescopes, you’ll see some Nebulas and Galaxies and the much extended depths of it; but there is still more than meets the eye, there is still an unlimited space out there. How I wish to go there and explore more if only I could.

To what I know, the only way to explore beyond the edge of the Universe is to ride on a spaceship that can travel 10 times faster than a speed of light, but until now, no such ship or vessel that man ever invented that can travel that fast, and if there is – the next problem is on how to control to such a great speed…. It is very impossible as I think of.

For the latest information that I read, the surrounding environment beyond the edge of the universe is an another dark world that is full of radiations and more hostile environment compare to the environment to which the Milky Way are in positioned.

Maybe the edge of the universe dark environment pressure are very strange, full of radiations and soon are flooded by the banks of expanding universe.

I may say that what we will see on the edge of the universe is distant different kinds of universe that is also expanding (like expanding bubbles) and an infinite number of expanding universes that Science Fiction called it: “Multi-Verses”, and in-between those universes is an unknown black radiations in a very high compression that man can never imagine of….

Then, TIME and SPACE are not yet exist there in-between those universes out there….

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