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World Of Tanks Internet Game Techniques: Map Mines (page 1)
Published By mantis36 on 2012-09-22 37 Views

WORLD OF TANKS Map MINES mission objectives is to capture enemy base or killing all enemy tanks as well as defending your team base just in case for a surprise enemy attacks.

A final countdown before the battle begins (refer to Map Mines pic no. 1) then you should decide on which way you prefers to go, and by looking at reference link Map Mines pic no. 2, I traverse my tank preparing to move to that direction.

I should hurry my tank to move immediately (refer to Map Mines pic no. 3 then 4) and adjust the exact area coordinates to fix my tank ready for guarding, defending as exactly shown on Map Mines pic no. 5 (it should exactly look that way on that pic no. 5)

Now you are ready to shoot anything that comes within gunner’s firing range, those incoming targets at your front and a few degrees to your front left (incoming enemy tank targets on your front left shown on the same pic no. 5)
All of those threats are continue moving, therefore, it is very hard for them to fire on you, so you’ll be the first one to detect and shoot them (take a closer look at Map Mines pic no. 8 as an example)

Note that sometimes an enemy tank appears in surprise on top of the rocky hill in front of you, in Map Mines pic no. 6, one of your team tank is already on that top of hill, but if that is your enemy tank then it could be an artillery and shot your tank in heavily damage or resulting to an instant destroy.
So you’ll be better take note on that top of hill area.
A prolong pressing of “S” key in order to move your tank backward to evade if someone shoots you and that big rock on your right side will temporary covers you from projectiles.
Not all tanks are similar in sizes, a tall turreted tank upper portion remains expose even when that big rock covers.

See those nearest trees on the same Map Mines pic no. 6?
Looks innocent, but when you magnify it in your tank’s periscope, you can detect oncoming enemy tanks just like shown on Map Mines pic no. 7.
In order to use your tank’s periscope just press “Left Shift” on keyboard, and by pressing “the same Left Shift” again goes back from magnify to a normal view.

WOT Map MINES Reference Link:

http://wotowgs.blogspot.com/2012/09/wot-map-mines.html (right click the link and open in a new window)

Or click the link to read Map MINES next page (page 2) WORLD OF TANKS Internet Game Techniques: Map MINES (page 2)

Map Mines pic no. 9 and pic no. 10 are the examples of enemy tanks ready to aim and shoot.
But if they successfully pass those area, then you should immediately move back your tank by steady pressing “S” key and immediately stop to the exact area shown on Map Mines pic no. 11 and wait patiently…. For sure they will stop there because they want to capture your team base.

Expect an incoming tank and you must surprise your enemy tank by firing him first, but if her tank is very tough, then by a quick prolong pressing of “W” key so that your tank moves forward, immediately escape and rushing towards your team tank seeking for help.

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