Myth, Fact, Or Fiction: Philippine Witches Faq

Most of the people in the Philippines believed that witches exist, but those witches that major Filipino believes never cast any Spells, and never believes or don’t know anything about Five Elements or something, or cooking a stone with lot’s of fish scales as an ingredients to convert stone to gold they also don’t believe on that, and don’t know anything about Pagan Wiccan Religion since majority of the Filipino are Roman Catholic in faith religion.

Even some of the Filipino Professionals in life also believe in Aswang or Witches.
There are several types of Witches:

1. Aswang - a default type

of Filipino style witches, they have an ability to transform themselves from a black big hungry red eyed dog to a frightening human man-eater with fangs and claws, or transform back again to a desired black animal.

2. Manananggal – a type of flying witches, the lower body separates to the upper body, as the lower body from toes to navel leave standing on the ground while from navel up to the head flies of the sky with long outstretched bat-like wings.

3. Wak-Wak or Tik-Tik – mostly heard by a husband when a wife is pregnant often heard that sound outside and the Wak-Wak or Tik-Tik sound roaming around the nipa bamboo provincial house.

4. Bagat – very popular to Western Visayas and some parts of Mindanao but not known to entire Luzon. It is the type of

a scenario where you are walking down the dark trails on the provinces rice plantation where you instantly met a steady floating casket that never moves, or an unexplained phenomenon that never make some action that the only thing for you to do is to run away immediately like hell.

All of the types of Filipino Witches never casting a spell, they don’t know anything about that. They never wear a black long hat with pictures of moon and a star too, they never hold any long broomstick or never use broomstick assistance just to fly, never and no such 5 elements to believe on.
Aswang and Mananaggal, as well as Tik-Tik or even Wak-Wak love to attack pregnant mothers (but not a Bagat) as they know that a baby inside womb is tastier and can’t control themselves but attack while there is an available time, mostly at night where full moon.

The only reason for an aswang to keep on passing their genes to a newly recruit aswang is the bertud (a color white mentos-like candy type) from the mouth of the host to transfer to the mouth of its downline, preferably their daughter to carry the legacy of the Pinoy style witches.

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