The Last And The Least Hoax Is On December 21, 2012: When Will The Hoax Believers Ever Learn The Truth? Reasonís 1 And 2

To summarize it all, the reason why December 21, 2012 End of the World is NOT TRUE for the following reasons:

To summarize it all, the reason why December 21, 2012 End of the World is NOT TRUE for the following reasons:

1. If you see during the night sky staring at midnight the presence of a distant giant threat asteroid, then it would take not more than 3 years for that alien body to collide here on earth. And there is no existing threats found and therefore, the date December 21, 2012 predition is absolutely not true. Those giant rocky threat asteroid I am sure will only travels at the speed of sound maybe thrice but not a nature’s top speed

which is speed of light.

And remember too that we send remote controlled robotic rovers on planet Mars that took more than a year to reach there, so, how can those Mayans claiming the oncoming threat to land on earth’s crust as months to wait (not a year) of asteroid that is not yet visible to human’s naked eye?

2. Those Mayans who invented their own version of calendar are unschooled on their times, meaning, they

don’t know the reason why eclipse occur, and they don’t know that there are two types of eclipses as Solar and Lunar, what they only know is Solar Eclipse happens because the big giant dragon ate the sun and we must forgive those who sinned against us so that the dragon will spit out the sun and everything will be back to normal.
Now, if Mayan Calendar is effective compare to Roman Calendar and Chinese Calendar, why are we still based our days and dates to Roman Calendar?

I am using WindowsXP Operating System, when I right click the system date found on my laptop’s computer screen found on the lower right portion, try to advance the system date and will reach up to year 2099, meaning, even WindowsXP will operate to last on that year 2099 but it depends upon your computer hardware if it operates lasts to years that long.

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