Ouija Board Online, Ask The Spirit Anything, Be Nice, And Donít Say Bad Words Or Youíll Suffer Something Scary

Not recommended for those internet user’s who suffers any nervous disorders, or under 15 years of age.
You may ask anything, but don’t dare to upset who ever it was, or suffer consequences.

In a traditional way of playing the game Ouija Board or “Spirit of the Glass”, it is being played by group of fingers, all placed on the top of the pointer. The traditional way of playing is done by groups where lights are switched to “off”, done first by praying one “Our Father”, one “Hail Mary”, one “Holy Mary”, and one “Glory Be” and without saying “Amen” in

the end of all the prayers.

But here in Ouija Board Online that I found in Y8 dot com website, you don’t need to turn off the lights, you don’t need to say those prayers but only required to enter your NAME and your YEAR OF BIRTH on the opening menu of the game.
Rated 15 meaning, internet gamers like you must be in age 16 years old and above (are only allowed to play)

The opening scenery is you “as a player, gamer” are walking in the cemetery, dogs not barking but howling, to a tomb, and start playing the game.
Ask anything, but don’t make the spirit upset, don’t make the spirit mad by saying “bad words or forcing him to do something”

You may start typing your questions one at a time on the “text tab” and click the ASK button.
Then wait for the Ouija Board pointer to answer your question; that pointer moves alone, and

expects anything that will possibly happen.

About the online game, you may first enter your name, then the year of your birth before you begin the game of spirits. The game online that I found here by clicking the link:

Before you start the game, for a more satisfaction guarantee, just be sure to switch display to FULL SCREEN MODE found under the mini window game.

If you have some SoundBlaster or surround speakers, it could be better for feeling alive by turn it on and increase volume near maximum, and it could be best of you turn off the lights of your room and let your monitor only running.

How about playing this game alone?

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