Myth, Fact, Or Fiction: The Magics Of Criss Angel

Levitates on Golf Course Field

How can he do that?

I know that under heaven, we are all equal, but based on catholic religion, only God, God’s angels like Angel Gabriel, and Satan having a power that can defy the laws of nature.

But why can a human like Criss Angel can do extra-ordinary feats like levitates on open golf course field, that the camera shows first that there is no something suspension bars high up in the sky just in case, and there are no possibilities of cheats there instead of group of people serve as witnesses.

Now Criss Angel can levitage with

that easy, absolute zero gravity, but he can levitate in a straight standing position (and not those like of cosmonauts that floats in the space without proper position, circling, rotating, upside down) but this Criss Angel levitates as if his body already controls to where the fix position of north, and in steady lifting his whole body while maintaining a stand-up position and that is what I am wonder for.

Or maybe those spectators are all in pre-arranged paid actors, but if not, then Criss Angel can do more greater levitating feats compare to what Jesus can do walk in the water and turning water into wine.

But Criss Angel can do

more than levitating himself, as he can also do levitates while sitting in the lutos position right just in front of the people around him and in front of the video camera, a yard distance.
Extreme close distance, any cheats will surely found earlier by the spectators there but what an awesome feats!!!

If this type of rare magic he shows during the biblical days in the Middle East, I am sure that the people around saw Criss Angel will surely, immediately kneel down and pray, treated like a Messiah too.

Defining the laws of nature and Criss Angel can do it more than David Copperfield could.

I am watching plenty of AXN channel programs such as Secrets of Magic’s Revealed, and there shows how can a magician cheat people like using a crane suspension that are not visible to the video camera, and other awesome explainable magic tricks revealed too, but this Criss Angel, seems supernatural, Myth, Fact, or Fiction, all that I can say is, wow!!! Amazing TV Program show.

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