Kyokushin Karate Versus Drunken Fist Kung Fu

A very common sparring video clip between Karate’s Kyokushin against Drunkards Fist Kung Fu and I notify those basic errors committed by a Kung Fu black guy against his opponent Karateka.

First of all, Karate is a Punching and kicking art, the first error movement of the Drunkard Fist is when he performs an attack, there is no such thing as follow-up movement, like a combo move.

Normally, the first attacking move of a Kung Fu guy is easily block or evaded by a Karateka, therefore, it is recommended to do such follow-up of second and third quick attacks. What the Drunken

stylist do is more on drunkard stepping and can be compare to bobbing and weaving of a ring western boxer.

Second, the choices of target do matters, as drunken cup of tea hand form are very hard to intercept if it is only executed in a series of techniques and not on basic movement. Since if you do it in a single shot fashion way, then the drunkard stylist turns to be an easy target therefore, easy to defeat.

As I notice, once the Drunkard Stylist does some attacking cup of

tea hand attacks, he immediately withdraws everything and starts attempting to close the body gap again.

Click the link to view the mistakes done by a Drunken Kung Fu stylist, those were common errors done in sparring…

That is a common mistake to the Kung Fu Practitioner to spar against none-Chinese martial type of arts.

The Kung Fu stylist must never attempt to withdraw, just always do advance moves, advance forward steps or side to side, but not to withdraw your steps, because once you start withdraw, you will soon step forward and suffer the kicks and punches of a Karate guy.

Another reason why you should never withdraw a step is because you don’t know anything behind your back, you are not aware of the any obstacles found on your back while you are busy looking some opening hints to target to your opponent.

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