Tales About Philippine Mount Pinatubo: By Mantis36

There is a place in Zambales, Philippines named Pina. The people living there are very hardworking, loving and caring to others, and open to help others in times of needs and troubles.

There comes a time a warrior named Tulyok came to that place, he’s a strong warrior and well built. Due to his strength and bravery, the people there make him the leader to their safety.
When Tulyok is already doing it’s job as a leader, the people there are suddenly change their attitude, the people there in Pina became fearful, aggressive, and attackers. They attacked their next neighboring tribe.

They burn whenever they pass houses. They steal all the wealth within that tribe belongs. Due to what they did, people in the distant tribe feared the people living in Pina.
The highest leader Tulyok having a child named Pinatubo. He is also a strong just like what his dad.
There is a time that Pinatubo temporary leads to attack the tribe of Panday, but before they reach the site of that tribe, Pinatubo and his fellow warriors met a beautiful girl named Dumay. Pinatubo really appreciated the beauty of this girl Dumay, by that, Pinatubo commanded his warrior to proceed attack to that Panday’s tribe while Pinatubo stay with Dumay. Now, Pinatubo doesn’t know that this girl Dumay is a child of Panday.
A time that Panday knows about it, he go to that area where Pinatubo and Dumay located. And when Panday approached, Panday and Pinatubo were fighting in death duel.
Panday defeated Pinatubo in sword fighting,
and due to the slashes he received with the sword of Panday, Pinatubo died.
When Tulyok heard it that his son Pinatubo was slain to death, he is now in severe anger. A reason to both tribes of Tulyok and Panday became mortal enemies. Their wars created plenty of deaths, and plenty of items, wealth and plantations destroyed.
The outcome of war was noticed later by Tulyok and Panday that a lot of already destroyed lives and belongings. They figure it out to stop the war and in fact, they have to help each other and show respect between the two tribes.
Those two tribe leaders’ agreement, peace and orderliness were achieved by those two tribes.
Sooner, the farmers of the field there noticed that the portion of the land where Pinatubo buried is slightly, the land raised.
A ceremony was celebrated because they believe that the reason’s why that land area raised, or gradually increasing in a day to day it’s because of the soul of Pinatubo. And that gradually increasing land now becomes a mountain. The people there named it Mount Pinatubo in order to remember their highest leader Tulyok’s son Pinatubo heroic deeds.

Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption happened during the day June 15, 1991 in Luzon, the country Philippines. It’s the second largest volcanic eruption happened in the 20th century.

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