Is Dumog The Art Of Filipino Wrestling? (page 1)

The Author of this video that I found on YouTube said:
1. Dumog is the Filipino Style of Wrestling while standing upright, the Grappling Aspect of FMA (Filipino Martial Art).
2. Dumog is the ability to move a person from point A to point B

Well, sorry but I think I am not convinced to this type of Filipino Martial Art Dumog, because this is rare, I mean this type of fighting art never exist on Philippines.

This type of art being shown by the author is just a combination of all types of Mixed Martial Arts like Western Wrestling, Judo, Aikido,

Japanese Jui Jit Su, Brazilian Jui Jit Su, Crav Maga, Muay Thai, Karate, etc….

The only fighting arts exclusive for the Filipinos (that is very near to Dumog and FMA) is the art we usually seen on old Filipino Movies acted by Lito Lapid and Lapid brothers, Rey Malunzo, Dante Varona, Ace Vergel, Fernando Poe Jr., rapid punches.
They are the best examples of a true Filipino Martial Arts.

Notice those clapping of both hand palms unto opponent’s both ears.
Notice those rapid uppercuts on opponent’s stomach
Notice those swinging right arm, but in fact, that left fist is to punch to hit opponent’s face
And Dumog is a Filipino type of

brawling, a ground and pound far more related to compare to that art shown by that author on that link…

I also notice that the author keeps on using his head to head butt his opponent, another reason that type of attacking move are not found here in Filipino Native Martial Art.

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Notice those Take-down techniques that the Art Dumog did to his opponent; it looks like a technique switches found in Wing Chun Kung Fu right?

Plenty of techniques and movements shown but I never heard any Filipino term for such every moment being executed, instead, all step by step movements are named it in English Terms.
To take note of the Arts title: “Dumog” a Filipino dialect for the name of that martial art, but the content being described, instructed are all in English terms.

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