World Of Tanks A Game For Serious Internetworking Pc Gamers

World of Tanks, the latest war games mostly advertise on every popular social networking site, from blogs, emails, forums, search engines, and other internet sites.
Through the power of advertisements I am magnetized, I am tempted to join and play that game.

Download the 7+mb installer game by entering your email and desired password.
Be sure that your harddrive contains a free space of more than 3 gigabytes or might suffer a run out of disk space.
After a successful installation, the newly installed game requires permission to restart your operating system.

Clicking the game icon after a successful restart, the game

program executes but before the game begins an automatic self-updating proceeds…
For a 2mbps speed internet server, the update may take too long to wait for a 3,254.41MB (about 3.254 Gigs) downloading.

I started downloading at 7:40 am and the update ends at exactly 7:10 pm
At around 8:40 am the downloading progress bar at 9 percent (340MB)
9:40 am - 20 percent (666.44MB)
11:40 am - 38 percent (1,248.16MB)
1:40 am - 54 percent (1,785.87MB)
4:40 pm - 80 percent (2,632.54MB)
7:00 pm - 100 percent (3,254.41MB)
Setup continues to update for the latest client version for another 10 minutes.
Therefore, this game I found is for serious pc gamers only that have guts of patient to wait no matter how hours of waiting…

Setup completed if you see the red color Play button.
An automatic WOT desktop icon is also placed on your desktop.
Read the End User License Agreement and click Continue button.
It is required to enter your email address and a password you select for that game to begin.

You see an opening welcome screen to the World of Tanks, click the Start button.

How to Control the Tank:

W – Move vehicle forward
A – Move the vehicle to the left
S – Move the vehicle downward
D – Move the vehicle to the right
Mouse Left Button – for firing weapon

Right Button – for automatic aiming, pressing E key to disable
Mouse Wheel Button – for scrolling to zoom in or out
Moving Mouse – rotating the tank turret according to mouse movement

Left Shift Key – for special reticle
X – Lock the hull
Cruising control: Forward for R, and Backward for F
Space Bar – Stop the tank and Fire!
C – To reload shell container
V – Hiding battle interface

= – Zoom-in
- – Zoom-out
M – Hide or show mini-map

Other controlling options found at Menu Option then Settings, go to Controls, you may list on a separate paper for a handy reference or you may use this article to Alt Tabbing when running the game in multi-task for easy reference.

By the way, here is the link to the free internet based game, one time setup installation to download:

Click the link to read next page (Game Experiences, Techniques and Strategies)

A very popular game advertising on most websites and can also be found by typing WORLD OF TANK in any of the search engines.

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