Myth, Fact, Or Fiction: Filipino Traditional Belief On How To Deal With Kibit Or Baby’s Fracture (page 2)

I am just curious to what exactly the correct English term for a Kibit ailment that a baby suffers.

But I often heard from many of my neighbors here that Kibit is a Fracture (translated in English) and happens only to babies and children.
That only an Albularyo (Quack Doctor) or a Manug-Hilot (Massage Doctor) can fix, heal it.

96 percent of the Traditional Native Filipinos believed that through bare handed massage can set fix that baby’s or children’s broken bone to normal.

But why is it that when I watch or listen on day to day news on those hit and run

accidents that happened on roads, the victim’s bones are broken, they can’t even move their self, and those people around there saw the situation of that victim should never help the victim to move or stand, or it may lead to death when improperly carried by untrained individual who wants to volunteer help.

A victim is suspected, or suffer a broken bone or not, should be mobilized or immobilized?

Is massage by bare hand alone can really fix the broken bone on just 30 minutes of massaging?

Or by the use of a massage oil can help speed up the broken bone in less than 30 minutes?

Why is it that the medical expert doctors out there can’t fix that broken bone suffered by babies?

And why is it that

those victims of Hit and Run accidents on roads, those people there won’t bring the victim to an Albularyo (Quack Doctor) or Manug-Hilot (Massage Doctor) instead, they wait for either a first aider or a medical emergency response team, or ambulance to bring that victim immediately to hospital?

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Why a medical doctor should prefers to request an x-ray result, traction, or surgery to repair a broken bone and why not do it by bare hand hilot massage?

Since 96 percent of the Filipino’s believed that within 30 minutes, a Kibit that a baby or children suffers can totally cure by a hand hilot massage performed by Filipino Quack Doctors?

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